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Electronic cigarettes have become very popular over the past few years, and for a good reason as well. Here is finally a product that has the capability to actually help people quit smoking. Sure, there are other products in the market that can help a smoker quit, but these products always seemed to lack something that made the desire to smoke return. The e-cigs have managed to fulfill these desires, and soon enough, hundreds of thousands of people flocked to stores to buy a gadget that symbolized a healthier life. In the United States alone there are over hundreds of manufacturing companies dedicated to providing the best e-cigarette to the masses. There are some companies that are famous for their high quality products, while there are some that are known for their faulty products. The eGo e-cigarette is one of those e-cigarette brands that belong to a higher group. This brand is one of the most famous types of e-cigarettes today. Many individuals prefer the eGo e-cigarette because of its unique features and packages that aren’t present in other electronic cigarette brands. Do you want to know more about the mysterious eGo e-cigarette? Continue reading to find out more.



What Makes the eGo E-Cigarette Brand So Famous?


Many e-cigarettes are famous for a variety of reasons. Some people may prefer a particular type of e-cigarette because of its flavors, and there are some who promote a different type of e-cigarette because of its sturdiness. In the case of the eGo e-cigarettes, its most distinctive quality is its battery. Compared to the batteries of other electronic cigarettes, the quality of the eGo e-cigarette’s battery is amazing. eGo batteries has a 900 mAh charge. Aside from the batteries, the eGo e-cigarettes are also known for their flexible atomizers and strong vapor production. We will discuss each of these parts thoroughly later. There are also many eGo e-cigarette packs available, and all of these packs are very affordable. These packs come with 30 Day warranty, refund and exchange policy.



The Batteries of the eGo E-Cigarettes


The eGo e-cigarette batteries have an average power of 900 mAh, although this isn’t the only type of battery available. E-cigarette users can choose an eGo battery that has a stronger or weaker battery power. Despite the variety of batteries to choose from, most eGo e-cigarette users prefer the 900-mAh batteries because it is one of the few e-cigarette batteries in the market that have created a perfect balance between power and size.


The batteries of the eGo e-cigarettes seldom slip. This is because the eGo e-cigarette battery is designed with a surface that has a smooth and rubbery characteristic. The eGo e-cigarette batteries are also designed with a lock feature. In order for the battery to turn on, a dark grey button has to be pressed to initiate the release of its power. The lock feature can be very handy, especially since many e-cigarette users complain of accidentally turning on their e-cigarettes while the e-cigarette is inside their pockets. If the e-cigarette was accidentally left on for an hour or two, it could lead to the overheating of the cartridge. This can damage your e-cigarette permanently. The lock feature of the eGo e-cigarette prevents this situation from happening.



The Cartridges of the eGo Electronic Cigarettes


There are a lot of cartridges available for the eGo cigarettes. This is because the type of cartridge to be used depends completely on the size of the e-cigarette’s atomizer. If your e-cigarette has a mega atomizer or a mega tank atomizer, a mega cartridge will suit the atomizers perfectly. Owners of E-cigarettes with smaller atomizers, or for those who want their cartridges to have a smaller e-liquid hold can buy the 510 eGo cartridge.



The Advantages of Using the eGo Electronic Cigarettes


The eGo e-cigarettes have a lot of benefits. If you compare the eGo e-cigarette with an average tobacco cigarette, you will see that the eGo e-cigarette is a lot healthier. We’re not saying that the eGo e-cigarettes are free from any health risks; we’re simply stating that it’s a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes. From the name itself, tobacco cigarettes contain tobacco. Once tobacco is burned, it produces tar and hundreds of harmful chemicals. All these are ingested by the user and are passed down to the lungs. The cigarette user isn’t even the only one who is exposed to these hazards. Even a child can be affected through second hand smoking. Other people surrounding the cigarette smoker can inhale the smoke coming from the cigarette. There are even some studies that suggest that second hand smokers are in greater danger than the smoker themselves.


With the eGo e-cigarette, you don’t have to worry about these side effects. Instead of smoke, the eGo electronic cigarette produces water vapor. This is due to the absence of tobacco in the eGo e-cigarettes. The chemicals in the eGo e-cigarettes are also healthy, with the exception of nicotine. The heating of the e-liquid causes the production of water vapor. The e-liquid is made from propylene glycol, nicotine and flavorings. Are you wondering why nicotine has to be added into the solution? This is because smokers cannot handle the absence of nicotine, especially after being exposed to it for a long time. Their body now has a physical need for nicotine, but nicotine isn’t healthy, which is why eGo e-cigarette users have to decrease the nicotine content of their eGo e-juice. Soon enough the users of the eGo e-cigarettes will lose their nicotine dependency.




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